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decordas' 25 second nuke: full story, complete with pictures and video.

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Welcome to Toasties

Toasties is the definitive source for data destruction. Read the info prepared by our top-notch experts, and learn how to properly destroy data!

No matter who you are, you're all affected by the serious problem of excess CDs. Are you an IT professional, forced to deal with the destruction of sensitive data? Or are you a concerned consumer, wondering when the onslaught of "free" internet and 500 MB viruses will stop? Or are you a computer enthusiast, dealing with hundreds of failed CD-Rs? Or are you the unlucky person who received a Britney Spears CD for Christmas? Let's face it, the world is littered with CDs, many of which we can do without.

There are so many CDs lying around your house; most of them unused, gathering dust. Why throw them out? That would be waste of a very valuable resource, especially since CDs can be used for many other purposes, both practical and entertaining.

So what do you do with them? Drink coasters? Too 90's. Wall decorations? Too 80s. Frisbees? Nah, geeks and physical exertion just don't mix. Besides, those things hurt!

Well, we've got a better solution...

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